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Working with Jay Nuss

Jay Nuss Realty Group, LLC Testimonials

Read what others are saying about Boston Metro Area Commercial Real Estate Agent Jay Nuss.


Thank You For Assisting Us In Achieving Our Goal

We appreciate all the help and unconditional support in which you’ve given us during the process of opening up our first business. Although we’ve only known you for a short period of time, to us, your role in the start of this business cannot be unacknowledged. You’ve given us the advice, the careful planning, and the utmost diligent support that any real estate agent could have ever given to their clients. Not only did you go beyond the assistance that we simply asked for, but you took the extra mile to find out the necessary information that we needed in order to help us achieve our goal.

As an agent, you’ve demonstrated the excellent strengths of a well-established businessman who brought forth his knowledge, skills, and reliable sources into his work, improving the status of his business and henceforth, establishing relationships and connections throughout while all at once, displaying an imperishable composure and doing it with great tenacity.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the tremendous amount of patience you had given us during this exhaustive time. You were assiduous in our business plans and we would have to commend you on that. Jay, without hesitation, we would always be honored in recommending you to any of our peers or family members who wish to have an agent they can solely rely on for getting things done in the timely manner in which he proposes.

It has been an honorable pleasure meeting you as well as being able to commend you in such a significant documentation of your work, professional ethics and success as a realtor. Thank You for assisting us in achieving our goal. Our business happened because of your wonderful service and friendly advice. We certainly hope that there will be more opportunities to working with you in our near future.

Cindy Le, Manager, Tranquil Nails

I Could Not be Happier in My New Space

Dear Jay,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help in advising me in my search for a new office. In particular, I want to thank you for the high level of integrity, patience and persistence that you provided.  I well remember before we began searching, that you told me that I might be best off staying in my old office.  While this certainly appeared to be true for several months and despite the small size of our project, you continued to search on.

In a difficult situation, where commercial real estate was slow to adjust to a sharply declining market, you patiently continued on until we finally found exactly what I was looking for.  In this process, you helped me understand the benefits and drawbacks of each location.  You also correctly recommended that I walk away from one of offices when we were quite close to an agreement with the owner.

During the several months of searching, you expertly advised me on the negotiation of a short term agreement with my old landlord, which proved critical.  You were also of great assistance in the negotiation process when I finally found my new office.  Last, you even recommended the interior decorating idea of placing a sink and counter in the large closet.  An idea that I was originally against, but one that has proven invaluable!

Jay, I could not be happier in my new space and I am thrilled that I had you to guide me through each step.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.  I will be telling those looking for commercial office space of my experience with you and your outstanding service.

Robert M. Thompson, Lic. Ac. Owner, Thompson Acupuncture

I Am Extremely Happy With My Office

Dear Jay,

I want to formally thank you for all of your help in locating and securing my office.  It was obvious from our first conversation that you are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to commercial space in the area and the needs of different businesses.  You were able to find me a perfect space for my law practice which meets my needs and fits my means.

Even though my space is small I never once felt that my lease was of low priority.  To the contrary, you went above and beyond when it came to getting me into my office and settled.  I really appreciate the extra time you spent with my husband and I brainstorming on how to best configure the office space.

Now that I am settling in, I can report that I am extremely happy with my office space and it is starting to feel like my own.  Please feel free to use me as a reference and I will certainly point anyone looking for commercial space in your direction.  Thank you again.

Lynnea Taylor, Esq.

Recommend highly to anyone who is looking for office space

Dear Jay,

We are now fully settled into our new space at 1515 Washington St. Braintree and I wanted to send you a formal thank you for all that you did for South Shore Elder Services (SSES) and for me personally during the process to get the agency relocated.

As we discussed in our initial meeting in July, 2010, I was not sure if we would be leaving our existing space but wanted to explore some other options for comparison. Your willingness to take SSES on as client with the possibility of doing a lot of work for us but having it not compensated if we chose to remain at the existing space impressed me and was the first indication of the positive relationship that was just beginning.

The research that you did to find alternate space was very helpful and once I determined that the existing space was not going to work, I felt like I was ahead of things and it made it much easier to move ahead with our search. Your guidance and advice was very necessary as we looked together at the array of options that you presented. Once we determined that 1515 Washington St. was our first option, your tenacity and advocacy for us was evident and we were able to strike an exceptional deal including six months of free rent and reimbursement for moving and wiring costs. As a non-profit elder services agency, our priority is getting assistance to elders in need and this type of administrative savings can be used for direct services.

While finding the space and finalizing the financial arrangements is the typical conclusion of a broker’s role, you stayed with me until everything was taken care of. Your assistance with the space plan, furnishings, moving as well as providing much needed consultation on how to work with the contractor, was instrumental with us ending up with an exceptional office space.

Even after we moved in you continued your support. When we ran into some difficulty getting Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) to install our internet connection, your determined advocacy with them carried the day and, I am pleased to say, we are now using BELD internet service as our primary connection.

Please know that I would recommend you highly to anyone who is looking for office space. Your knowledge of the market, commitment to your clients and your exceptional integrity make it easy to make that offer.

Thank you again for all that you did for SSES and please feel free to use SSES and me personally as a reference in the future.

Edward J. Flynn Jr., Executive Director South Shore Elder Services, Inc

Property owners would be hard pressed to find anyone else that would work harder for them

Dear Jay,

I wanted to thank you for helping me secure 826 Washington Street, Braintree, MA for the new location of my shop, The Enchanted Gift Basket.

In am especially grateful and impressed with your ability to work fairly and diligently for both the prospective tenant and the property owner. As you know, in our experience working together you represented the property owner; however it was not long until I had complete confidence in you representing my best interests as well.

Your honesty and ability to respect both parties in a real estate transaction is in my estimation what sets you apart from others and is the very trait that ultimately led me to feel confident in my choice of properties.

I truly feel that property owners would be hard pressed to find anyone else that would work harder for them and in turn prospective buyers or rental tenants would be equally challenged to find another real estate agent that would be as honest and resourceful as you have proven to be. For this reason I feel equally confident in recommending you to both sellers and buyers/renters of commercial property.

Thank you again for helping me launch the next chapter of my life and for continuing to be an incredible professional resource!

Diana Walsh Nessralla
The Enchanted Gift Basket


I Would Recommend Your Services to Clients, Friends and Colleagues Alike

Dear Jay:

I am writing to thank you for your assistance in my recent office move. I had been at my previous location for 10 years; it was the office where my business was born, and the move was not my choice. I had also been working with several other brokers and looking at space for 2 months before we were able to connect, leaving me with a sense of frustration and concern. You came highly recommended by several colleagues in the South Shore Women’s Business Network, and now I know why.

Over the course of the last several months, I have come to primarily appreciate two things about working with you. First, I was continually impressed with your knowledge of the marketplace and nearly every property and broker within the south shore area. The information you provided helped me to narrow down my options and to make the choices that led me to my current space. Second, I genuinely appreciated your patience, as I tried to figure out exactly what I wanted and needed in a new space. We looked at a variety of properties, from 400 to 2400 square feet, with every possible combination of amenities and features. Your questions and your guidance helped me to zero in on what I was looking for and to negotiate a deal that will allow me to build the next chapter of my practice in a place that my clients, and I, love.

I would recommend your services to clients, friends and colleagues alike. Thank you again
for everything and I hope to work with you again in the future.

Suzanne M. Ducharme, MS

Jay is a consummate professional

Jay is a consummate professional who provides comprehensive services to every client. I purchased a mixed use commercial property from Jay. Jay assisted me in securing tenants for the property. His guidance and recommendations were invaluable in my success as a commercial property owner! Integrity and a passion for providing the most appropriate options and solutions makes Jay my first call when I or anyone I connect with needs advice or assistance with business property.

Susan Marie Lee

Recommend Without Hesitation

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional services you rendered on two occasion securing tenants for the medical professional building I own at 21 School Street, Quincy, MA.

On the first occasion, I retained another broker who had the listing for four months with no reported activity. When discussing with my loan officer at Citizens Bank my frustration about the lack of progress, he referred me to you. Upon meeting you advised me about the market conditions and how long it would take to lease this space. i was surprised as to the short period of time you estimated to lease the space. you kept me advised on a regular basis of the activity. In less time than you estimated, you located a quality tenant at the rent we originally agreed on. You handled the lease documents and the negotiations in a professional manner which I have not seen in a long time.

When an unexpected vacancy came up, I engaged your services. Again, you located a quality tenant at the agreed upon terms in less time than I anticipated.

In the future if I ever need a professional commercial broker, you will be the first person I will call. Without hesitation I recommend you to anyone I know in need of a commercial real estate broker. Your professionalism, integrity and work ethic are rare traits in today’s world.

James A. Hession, President
Finian’s Food & Spirits

I had a time deadline and very specific requirements

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation to Jay Nuss for the assistance he gave me while I was searching for new office space for my business.  I needed to acquire office space for a business that had been located in the same building for the past twenty-two years.  I had a time deadline and very specific requirements for the space and for the geographic location.  In addition, I was unclear whether I wanted to purchase or rent the space.
Jay immediately accepted my requests and set up appointments with places for my viewing.  He respected and understood my needs and never showed me properties that were either out of my price range or that didn’t meet my needs.  Since I had limited time to view properties, I greatly appreciated his ability to streamline the viewings and only show me properties with distinct possibilities for my business.  He never tried to convince me to buy rather than rent and he was honest regarding each property’s pros and cons.  I found this extremely helpful.
Jay worked very hard to place my business in the right space and he did this with calmness, professionalism, and a sense of humor.  When I did find a space, his input was invaluable in developing a working contract with myself and the landlord.  He patiently explained the meaning of the legalese and advised me with my best interests at heart.
I would recommend Jay for anyone who seeks property in the South Shore.  He is professional, knowledgeable, respectful and always your advocate.  It was a privilege to work with him.
Dr. Donna E. McQuinn

Jay Nuss’ Commercial Real Estate Expertise Made The Process Effortless


Paul Falzone, the owner of an extremely successful South Shore of Massachusetts based business, shares his experience working with commercial real estate expert Jay Nuss.

Paul Falzone

We Would Call on Jay Nuss Again Without Reservation or Hesitation

I am writing to describe our experience working with Mr. Jay Nuss. Ascendant Psychiatric, a new start-up mental healthcare practice, had to secure appropriate and adequate office space within a two-week time frame. Our clinicians and patients had been abruptly displaced by the closing of the practice we had been affiliated with. Needless to say, we were under significant pressure to find a new location and come to agreeable leasing terms before our official opening.

We were most fortunate to have met Jay Nuss in the course of our search. Mr. Nuss went to extraordinary lengths to negotiate terms acceptable for all concerned, including gaining our tenancy in sufficient time to welcome our patients on schedule. We had fragile patients and no venue in which to see them while we were waiting for our new office space to become available. When Mr. Nuss learned of our dilemma, he made arrangements for us to have access to a colleague’s executive office suite.

Mr. Nuss met us after business hours and on weekends, often with little notice. His ability to facilitate communications between our practice and the property owner reflected a level of diplomacy and finesse that would be the envy of the U.S. State Department. When we found our space crowded with file cabinets and furniture left behind from the former tenant, Mr. Nuss arranged to have these items removed and donated to various charitable organizations.

We are sincerely grateful for the benefit of Mr. Nuss’ active advocacy, unfailing kindness, and exceptional generosity. Jay Nuss is a knowledgeable, competent, and honest REALTOR®. More importantly, and very much to his credit, he is an outstanding person. We would certainly call on Mr. Nuss again without reservation or hesitation.

Rachael A. Darian, MSN, APRN, BC
Ascendant Psychiatric and Consulting Centre

Superior Knowledge of the Local Market

Dear Mr. Nuss:

I would like to express my gratitude to you for securing such a quality tenant as NuVinyl Window Company for our vacant 24,000 square foot warehouse at 165 Wood Road in Braintree. Having employed the services of a Boston broker to no avail, I am convinced that your superior knowledge of the local market as well as you strong local network of contacts were the key to your success in leasing our space.

I would highly recommend you to any industrial property owner in the Braintree area in need of a qualified and professional commercial real estate broker.

Harry Fireman

A Man of Integrity – Great Expertise

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jay Nuss for many years and have utilized his services on several occasions. He is a man of utmost integrity with great expertise in the area of commercial real estate. He is knowledgeable and is a skilled negotiator. Jay has always been conscientious of our needs and has negotiated all of our real estate transactions successfully.

It is a joy to know and to work with Jay. Anyone who decided to engage his services is making a sound decision.

I give Jay my most enthusiastic and highest recommendation.

The Reverend Father Felix Miles

Jay is an Extension of Our Professional Reputation

I have personally had the honor of having Jay Nuss represent all of our properties as an Exclusive Broker for many years.

As a Property Manager I feel that Jay is an extension of our professional reputation in representing our buildings and bringing us first-class tenants.

Jay follows through to each detail and working with him has been an asset to our Businesses.

In the thirty years of managing properties, I have never dealt with a harder working individual who prides himself for a perfect fit for both Owner and tenant.

I am proud to say that Jay Nuss is my Broker.

Linda Cusick
Bare Cove Realty Venture

Very Pleasing Experience

I am Sergio Pérez, pastor of Harvest Ministries of New England, Inc. On 1996 God gave me the vision to build him a new house with a 1500 seating capacity. We prayed the whole year of 1997 for the Lord to direct us to the professional people needed to reach our goal, because our ministry didn’t count with its own property.

God began to answer, the first person that blessed our project was Jay Nuss. Immediately he showed us a portion of land, and he offered his professional help to negotiate it. Through out the negotiation we were able to understand the reason God had allowed us to meet Mr. Nuss. Everywhere we went, we heard about his good reputation and witnessed how well he does his work. Jay helped and oriented us during the process, until finally, we closed a 14 acre land negotiation in the city of Weymouth.

Our experience of working with Jay are very pleasing, and until now, we still keep in communication with him.

Sergio Pérez
Pastor of Harvest Ministries of New England, Inc.

Wide Knowledge of the South Shore Area

Dear Mr. Nuss:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for securing the tenants, namely Boston Interiors, Di/An Controls and Universal Fixtures Mfg. Company for our warehouse space at 530 West Street, Braintree, MA.

This property was put into the hands of another broker on the South Shore for some time with little success.

I am sure that your diligence, vigor, professional mannerisms and your wide knowledge of the South Shore area were instrumental in successfully leasing our property.

I would highly recommend you to any industrial property owner in the area who is in need for an outstanding commercial Real Estate Broker.

Robert L. Sandman, President
Sandman Electric Company, Inc.

Thank You for Your Fortitude & Hard Work

Ira and I would like to personally thank you for your fortitude and hard work resulting in the sale of Morrisey Animal Hospital. We realize that it was not an easy sale as the building was so user specific and we are happy that the property will remain an animal hospital and a service to that neighborhood which was so good to us for so many years.

It is certainly a big relief to have it off our hands especially now that it is winter. So we are now off on our new venture which is building town homes in Fort Lauderdale!

Thanks again and hopefully we will meet again.

Carolyn and Ira
Morrisey Animal Hospital

Relentless in Your Efforts

I am writing to you to express my sincere gratitude for the job you performed for ZA Consulting. It was a very difficult challenge that we presented to you, but you were up to the task. Your diligence and advice on the sublet of our space in Braintree was not only on target but insightful. You were relentless in your efforts, and it did not go unnoticed.

If ZAC were to ever do business in the Boston area again, it would be with you and your firm. I will make it a point to recommend you every opportunity that I get to do so.

Again thank you for a job well done, and I look forward to staying in touch with you.

Anthony D. Zingarelli
ZA Consulting

Jay Listened & Understood Our Needs

Jay Nuss recently assisted our company with locating new space for the relocation and expansion of our business. Sending my wife (who is not an employee) to help out turned out to be a great experience for her.  As a part of her volunteer effort, she found Jay Nuss to be cordial, informative and experienced around office space in our general area.

As for myself, Jay was very knowledgeable and had a good working relationship with our new landlord.  A mutually respectful deal was completed to the satisfaction of all.  I believe Jay listened and understood our needs and met them perfectly.

I would refer Jay to anyone who asked without reservation.

Jeff Souza, BSN
Chief Operating Officer
Leaders for Today, LLC
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